Club Contacts

Club Committee Members

If you require further information about the club, please feel free to contact any of the committee members below. With regards to fixture arrangements it may be wise, particularly when a long journey is involved, to confirm the fixture with Sue Warnock a few days beforehand.

Role Contact Name Contact
President Raymond Davies
Chairman Dave Robinson
Co-Chair Sue Warnock
Secretary Rob Lee
Treasurer Simon Brown
Fixture Secretary Sue Warnock Mob: 07584 568962
Additional Committee Members Aidan Short
Gurinder Kaur
Jeannette Farrow
Ange Gander
Richard Sproston
Website Administrator Richard Sproston

Captains' Information

Each team that is entered by our club to play in the Shropshire league has a captain who is responsible for organising their team for competitive play. As a team captain, the following is expected from you:

  • ensure you exchange contact details with your team: regardless of whether a match is cancelled or if players gets injured, it's always useful to be able to contact your squad!
  • ensure all of your team are available to play: a quick courtesy phone-call a couple of days before the match is fine
  • sort out travel arrangements with your team: where long journeys are involved, it's wise to travel as a group (if/where possible) - however...
  • if a team member decides to travel separately: ensure they know the destination address/location and have appropriate travel directions
  • hope for the best; plan for the unexpected:
    • this has happened to every team captain - you phone up to check your squad and someone is injured/unavailable. Always be prepared and check availability with other club players in case you need a last-minute fill-in!
    • by the same token, if you have a full squad then keep your reserve players informed so they can make other plans!

When teams have been organised, contact details for each of the nominated team captains will be available below (in case you are a team member and need to notify them if you are unable to play).

Team Contact
Men's A Aidan Short
Men's B Simon Brown/Rob Lee
Men's C Dave Robinson
Ladies' A Sue Warnock
Mixed A Vicki Short
Mixed B Richard Sproston
Mixed C Ange Gander