2015 - After nearly 10 years, we're on the move again!

In July 2015, it was announced that BRJ School was to be knocked down, with plans to relocate it to the new Holy Trinity Academy in Priorslee (to open in September 2015).

Our club played its last club night at BRJ on Fri 17-July, after which we will be temporarily playing at Ercall Wood Technology College (for a period of 5 weeks). This will be followed by 2 weeks' hiatus - then we will resume permanently at Holy Trinity Academy in Priorslee.

2006 - Relocated to the Current Venue: BRJ School, Wellington

We were fortunate to acquire the use of the sports hall at the Blessed Robert Johnson School and moved there in September 2006. This is a very good venue, having four courts and a sprung floor with other excellent facilities.

2000 - Reverted to Telford Badminton Club and moved to Old Hall School

An alternative hall was sought and members voted to move to the three-court hall at the Old Hall School, Wellington, with effect from January 2000. The Club also reverted to the previous name.

Following the building of a new 'Old Hall School' in the grounds of Wrekin College and subsequent engineering activities local to the sports hall, the club again had to seek an alternative venue.

1983 - Club Renamed Telford Racquet Centre Badminton Club

Telford Racquet Centre opened in 1983 and the then proprietor Peter Lloyd invited Telford Badminton Club to be the resident club at the centre. Members voted and agreed to this move, and all playing activities were then transferred to the excellent facilities there. The portable court was sold, and the venues that had served the club well for many years, vacated. Due to various circumstances, only forty-three players eventually transferred, with some retiring and others moving to an alternative club.

For obvious reasons, the club changed to Telford Racquet Centre Badminton Club and settled in the comfortable surroundings. However, the expected increase in members never materialised. The business changed hands, and there was a gradual move away from racquet sports towards exhibitions.

Disruptions became more continuous and frequent, making it almost impossible to complete league fixtures and during this unsettled period, many of the members moved to other clubs.

1979 - Club Renamed Telford Badminton Club

With most of the playing activities then taking place in the Central Telford district, the club was renamed Telford Badminton Club in 1979.

1978 - First Club to Win All Three County Leagues in One Season

In 1978, Trench won the County Mixed League, Ladies League and Gent's League, and was the first club to win all three titles in one season.

1975 - Constitution Written and the Club Began Playing Twice a Week

The club took the opportunity to hire the sports hall at the Phoenix School, Dawley, which had become available on Friday evenings. Club activities then took place at both venues once each week. Membership increased very quickly to over sixty members and the number of fixtures in the league programme exceeded 150. A club constitution giving guidelines for the running of the club was then considered necessary, and this was formulated that year under the chairmanship of Frank Townsend.

1973 - First Club-Orientated Tournament in the County

The first club-orientated tournament in the county was organised by the then Match Secretary, Peter Turner, and this took place at Madeley Court Centre in 1973. For many years the club organised two American style tournaments each season, and these were extremely well patronised by players who travelled considerable distances to take part. These competitions became an established feature on the badminton calendar.

1968 - First League Match Played at Baschurch

With the demand for more competitive matches, it was decided to affiliate to the Shropshire Badminton Association. The first league match was played at Baschurch in the 1968/69 season. At that time the only tournament in Shropshire for club players took place at Whitchurch at the end of the season. This two-day event incorporated the County Restricted Tournament and an American style competition. Badminton became a growth sport, particularly in the developing Telford area, as many four-court halls were built.

1955 - Trench Badminton Club Formed at Trench Boys School

Following the opening of Trench Boys School, a group of about twelve badminton enthusiasts, led by Reg Gater, formed the club using the one court gymnasium. Friendly matches with local clubs were played on a regular basis, and facilities improved when a portable 'Hova' Court was purchased for use in the assembly hall. This also allowed the membership to increase.