Club Night

Club Night Essentials

  • Club Night is every Friday 19:30 - 22:00
  • Match nights begin at 19:00 - please be prompt
  • Our current arrangements see us playing at Charlton School Sports Hall (the "old" BRJ sports hall).
  • There are 4 courts available
  • Changing rooms and showers are available on site
  • The club caters for league standard players
  • Club night operates on a "pick from the first 7 players" pegboard approach
  • We regularly go back to a local pub after both club and match nights for drinks/snacks (optional - but the more, the merrier!)

During the competitive playing season (October to April), the Club does not usually accept visitors (at this time, we have a full club membership quota) - so it is wise to contact a committee member ahead-of-time to enquire if there is availability.

Throughout the summer period (May to September), visitors are very welcome to come along and play. You can apply for club membership through a committee member.

Please be aware that whilst we are a fun club with a lot of easy-going members, we are also a very competitive club, with teams in the higher divisions of the local Shropshire County Badminton Association Leagues: as a result, we are not a "for beginners" club.

If you are looking to get involved and start playing badminton, but are looking for something a little less competitive first, most local leisure centres run "No Strings" badminton sessions so these may be worth exploring to help encourage you to develop - and perhaps join us at a latter date...

Membership fees and payment

A summary of the key costings are provided below. If any extra information is needed, our Club Treasurer is always happy to discuss these plans in more detail.

Cost Item Description Price
Full Club Membership
  • This covers your BE insurance and player registration, local County affiliation, eligibility for Club Teams.
  • It also helps the club to afford its core running costs (feather shuttles; court hire; local contributions for competitive play in the County Leagues).
  • The first set of fees are always due in August. The second set is due in November, with the third and final set due in January.
  • Adults: £200
  • Juniors (U18s): £100
10 Ticket Pass
  • Intended as a limited, but more flexible option for some: if chosen, you can play up to a maximum of 10 sessions (of your choosing) during a season.
  • There is no continuation or carry-over once the current season ends; there are also no refunds ("use it, or lose it").
  • This option does not include BE membership, and does not entitle you to play for any of our Club Teams in matches - but you may be asked, providing you're eligible to do so.
  • This option's pricing can vary depending on whether you are already affiliated: perhaps directly through BE, or through another club. If so, please let us know as no-one likes to be over-charged!
  • If already affiliated: £60
  • If not already affiliated: £72
Visitors (max: 3 visits)
  • Standard visitors are entitled to 3 visits, after which the Committee will decide on whether to invite an individual to become a member of the club, offering either the Full or 10 Ticket Pass options.
  • This gives both the individual a chance to see whether the club is right for them without committing them, as well as giving the Committee a chance to review a player's ability and personality.
£6 (both Adults and Juniors)
Badminton England (BE) core membership or affiliation fee
  • NB: This is normally included as part of the core club payment i.e. regardless of whether you pay a full annual membership, or go for the "10 Ticket Pass" option.